Happy Holi 2021 Stickers: How to Find, Add, and Share Holi Stickers on WhatsApp


Happy Holi 2021 stickers are a way you can spread joy and greet friends and family in a socially distanced way this year. Like 2020, this year’s Holi is also being celebrated amid coronavirus fears, as the numbers are on the rise again. So developers are making sure that the excitement doesn’t die down in WhatsApp greetings. Like every other festival, there is an abundance of stickers all over the Internet, and WhatsApp is the platform where almost all of them are shared during festivals. Now, for those who do not know how stickers work, it is important to point out that WhatsApp almost never makes stickers itself, apart from the few default stickers that come preloaded when you download the application.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get the best stickers to boost your Holi greetings game on WhatsApp for Android:

1. Go to WhatsApp Stickers section by clicking the emoji icon on the left side of the chat bar and opening the stickers option from the bottom (one on the right).

2. Now, WhatsApp only comes with 12 default sticker packs, and you might not find any Holi stickers in the list. If you don’t find appropriate stickers, click on the plus (+) option on the top right of the stickers window – this will open all the available sticker packs on your WhatsApp.

3. If you still cannot find any Holi stickers, scroll to the bottom, and click ‘Get More Stickers,’ with a Play Store Logo.

4. Clicking it will lead you to the Play, which will show a number of Sticker apps.

5. Search for ‘Holi Stickers’ on Google Play and download any app. We tried the Holi Sticker – WAStickerApps from Jagannath Technology, which had a 4.6 rating on Play Store. But there are several more to choose from as well if you search for Holi Stickers on Google Play.

6. The app will show you five packs, clicking on any will show you Holi-centric stickers

7. Click ‘add to WhatsApp’ button on the bottom, then click ‘ADD’ on the pop-up and the stickers will be imported to your WhatsApp Messenger.

The stickers imported to WhatsApp will show up on the stickers page, upon clicking the ‘Plus’ (+) button within the Stickers menu.

WhatsApp for iPhone also includes similar options but there is no way to add more stickers by searching them in App Store. The best you can do is save the stickers that you get from your contacts and share them with your friends and family.

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