Star Wars Outlaws Gameplay Showcase Details Ship Combat, Stealth


Star Wars has a vibrant legacy in the video game medium. Most games in the iconic epic space opera franchise have focussed on the Jedi fantasy, letting players wield lightsabers and become one with the force. But few have allowed players to become a Han Solo-like Scoundrel — rogue smugglers taking on dangerous odd jobs and contracts. Star Wars Outlaws promises exactly that. Now, the upcoming action-adventure title from Ubisoft, which puts players in the shoes of Scoundrel Kay Vess, has received a 10-minute-long gameplay deep dive showcase, detailing aerial and blaster combat, traversal and exploration, and more.

Star Wars Outlaws gameplay showcase 

At Ubisoft Forward, aired Monday, the publisher presented a Star Wars Outlaws gameplay showcase, that featured protagonist Kay Vess on a mission to Mos Eisley on Tatooine to track down a gunslinger. According to game director Mathias Karlson, players will have to explore the galaxy to find such experts who can help Kay pick up new skills. The expert gunslinger on Tatooine would help her upgrade her blaster skills.

In the gameplay showcase, we see Kay take off from a merchant station in her ship, the Trailblazer, and travel through space. On her way to Tatooine, she encounters pirate starfighters and engages in aerial combat. We then see Vess land in Mos Eisley, a hub for rogues and scoundrels. Her intel leads her to warehouse controlled by the Hutt cartel. She scouts out the camp, sneaks in, and takes down a few enemies quietly. She finds the necessary intel and escapes after engaging in a shootout to meet up with the expert gunslinger.

Star Wars Outlaws game overview trailer

Ubisoft also debuted a four-minute-long game overview trailer for Star Wars Outlaw at the presentation. The new trailer looks at Kay and her companion Nix’s past, the adventures they take on together, and the open world players can explore.

The upcoming action-adventure title will feature a variety of biomes to explore, allowing players to interact with distinct environments and the dangers that come with them. Set during the golden age of the underworld, the game will let players deal with different crime syndicates and factions, gain favour or become wanted.

Promising to be a full open-world adventure, Ubisoft’s upcoming title is looking to carve its own space amid a host of popular Star Wars games. Recent games in the franchise, like Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, have taken a melee action approach, bringing Soulslike mechanics to lightsaber combat. But a fully explorable open-world Star Wars game, with blaster and ship combat and an emphasis on exploration, could bring a distinct flavour to the franchise.

Star Wars Outlaws releases August 30 on PC, Xbox Series S/X and PS5. Players will be granted three days early access starting August 27 with a Ubisoft+ Premium subscription or by preordering the Gold or Ultimate Editions.

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